Write fast. Write in style.

Our check-off-style permission pads are quick, easy, and there when you need them. They're personalizable, too.

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In the morning, you're packing lunches and backpacks, brushing teeth and hair, feeding the dog, and trying desperately not to miss the school bus. But your child is going home with a friend today and you need to write a note to let the teacher know. You grab an old envelope and a crayon because it is all you can find. Hopefully the teacher won't think poorly of you. Sound familiar?

These fantastic pads allow you to simply check off boxes of the permission you need to give your child for the day and sign your name. No long notes and explanations to teachers. Simply check and send. And the different pad designs allow you to have a note that reflects your child's favorite sport, activity or something they really love. Quick for you and stylish for them!